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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sometimes I Make Things: Felt Rosette Flower Pot

Again, my cube needs some love.  In addition to the arrangement I made yesterday, I have a new little jewel to add to my desk.
How adorable, you say?

Why yes, of course! Simply adorable!

Easy peasy & cheap!

One flower pot (less than $1)
styrofoam ball ($4) - I know, they're such a rip-off!
9 sheets of felt - $3
Stick pins - Free (already had them)

Heck yeah! $8! (would've been $6 had I remembered a Hobby Lobby coupon..darn it!)

To make the rosettes, I simply take a felt rectangle (1/4 of the felt sheet) and cut into it like a spiral (think cinnabun). Start from the center and wrap them around.  Then, I use stick-pins to attach the flowers.  I'm sure others would use hot glue, but I change my tastes frequently, and I'm sure I'll get sick of the orange/fuschia combo at some point and want a different color scheme.  At that point, I'll simply pull out the pins, pull out the flowers and use some different ones!

Happy Sticking!