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Thursday, September 30, 2010


The hubby and I are trying to get fit.  Correction: He is fit and I am trying to get more fit.  Monday I ran a mile without stopping to rest!  First time in my life!  Tried to again yesterday and...FAIL!  Had to walk a bit...but I did lose another pound and am wearing pants that I haven't worn in probably over a year.  They are brown cords and are perfect for fall, if I do say so.

Tomorrow I WILL run without stopping!  Andres wants to do our first 5K on Thanksgiving morning, so I've got some work to do!  Big Apple Bagels didn't help this morning...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New at this!

I have come to the conclusiong that it is time for me to have a blog.  My friends are sick of hearing me talk about my life.  My marriage, my music, my jewelry, my crafty-domestic-stuff, and my niece of course.  (She's the cutest)

I spend almost all my time on the internet anyway, so why not?  I have an Etsy shop,, which is mildly successful at most...  I started stringing and designing my own pearl jewelry last May, and I must say it's kind of a big deal on campus and around the Sheboygan area.  I have some work to do on getting the website up to snuff though...

I'm going to start small.  Certainly no one is going to read this anyway, so toot-a-loo nobody!