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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shop the Pig

It's been awhile since I apologies!

This evening a friend and I will be hosting dinner for the Lakeland Handbell choir.  We have a rehearsal at Lakeland, and then later on a rehearsal in Sheboygan (not that far from my house) so I thought it would be wayyy more fun to have everyone over than to just fend for ourselves and not bond at all!  (especially right before Thanksgiving).  Anyhoo, why is she up at 5:26 you ask?  Because I was SO EXCITED!  Not really...but I do need to do some cooking and want to make sure I have enough time...

I'm going to be making my absolute favorite casserole, and I thought I'd share the recipe!  It came from someone on my mom's side of the family a long long time ago and she's made it several times, but I've loved making it since I went to college and I've never had a participant ever complain, so I've made it again and again.  Here goes!

Crescent Roll Pizza   
Bake 20 min. at 375 degrees.

1 ½ lbs. hamburger                                         2 pkg low fat crescent roll mix
1 onion chopped                                             2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese               
2 cups (or one 1#10oz jar) spaghetti sauce     ½ cup Parmesan cheese          
1 tsp. oregano                                                 

In large skillet, brown hamburger; drain excess oil; saut√© onion in same pan as hamburger.  Add sauce and oregano.  Heat together thoroughly.

Take a 9x13 ungreased cake pan, line bottom with 1 pkg. crescent roll, pressing pieces with finger tips to cover evenly.  Pour on hamburger mixture, top with cheeses.  Place remaining package of crescent rolls on top of entire mixture.

Bake 20 min. in 375 degree oven.  Serve immediately.  Makes 9 – 12 servings.

When it says "9-12 servings" that's kind of a lie.  Most people like to eat it...and I mean, like to eat I'd say it's probably more realistic to almost say 6-8, because you want big servings, man!  Also, I like to add more vegetables than it calls for.  If I have tomoatoes at home, I usually cook some fresh tomotoes with the onions, and also red peppers if their not terribly expensive at the time.  I'm planning on going to the store as soon as it opens, and I guess I'll just see how expensive they really are...I might have to pass though...

Have a lovely day!

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