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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Emily attempts homemade frosting...three times...

On Tuesdays, I watch my 3-year-old niece, Jayde.  It's kind of become normal that she and I bake together on these days.  It gives us something to do!  Last week we made mint chocolate chip cookies, and I sent most of them home with her.  Today I thought it would be fun to make red velvet cupcakes, and decorate them with Valentine's Day hearts.

When grocery shopping last night, I totally intended to make them from scratch and had the list of ingredients and everything.  But, the boxed mix of red velvet cake mix looked so I switched to a box and premade cream cheese frosting.

I made the cupcakes this morning, and all turned out fine.  I made exactly forty (although there are now 38 ;).  I pulled out the candies and went to grab the frosting, and Alas!  it never made it home :(  I actually checked my Wal-Mart receipt, and it's not even on there, so somehow it must have gotten left in the cart.

Normally, I would just hop in my car and drive the two blocks to the pig and buy another jar.  Unfortunately, I have no booster seat, so no way to drive anywhere with Jayde.  And I can't exactly leave a three-year-old at home alone!

I went to Martha Stewart's website to find frosting recipes that I could make with all the ingredients I have.  I couldn't do a cream cheese, because I have no cream cheese.  I decided to start with a 7-minute frosting, for which I had no corn syrup.  I found online a recipe for corn syrup substitute!  What luck!

I don't think I made corn syrup...I think I made some sort of crazy hard molassess type thing...absolutely disgusting.  Jayde actually asked me if I was making the frosting black...

But, I attempted to make the frosting with it anyway, and when I saw how disgusting it was, I had to throw out a good deal of sugar and time.  Poop.

Next attempt, buttercream frosting!  The reason why I didn't choose this first was that the amount of butter used in it seemed terribly disgusting.  Six sticks!  Eww!  But, I did have ALL the ingredients on hand.

Except that unfortunately, I neglected to read confectioner's sugar, and used regular sugar instead.  You can imagine that my frosting was neither creamy nor delicious.

I do have enough butter left to try a second time at the buttercream, and since I do really have a good deal of confectioner's sugar, I try half a batch of the buttercream.  I have all ingredients together, and what turns out to be a yellow powder.  Yum.  Wouldn't you just want that on my delicious cupcakes...

So, I have thrown out three attempts at frosting, and will no longer attempt making frosting at home.  I will simply wait for my sister to come pick up Jayde, and she and I will frost the cupcakes tomorrow.  For now, my cupcakes will continue to look like this:


  1. I'm not a fan of butter cream frosting either.

    Easy frosting recipe that I use for everything is just take a cup of powder sugar adding a little bit of hot water at a time till it's the right consistency. So easy and very sweet.

  2. That's what Kristal said at school today. She said she saw the banner and thought, "my goodness, what's so hard about frosting?" Because I trusted Martha! She always makes things more difficult than they need to be!

    Kristal said she just uses powdered sugar and milk and vanilla until it's the right that I know...I still think I'm going to buy premade stuff...