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Monday, February 7, 2011

I made some treasuries!

I go through spurts on Etsy...some weeks I cannot wait to get new items up, and others I don't want to look at anything on the website...I was featured in a treasury on the 5th, and since then I've made two of my own!

My Isabella necklace was featured on awoolgatherer 's treasury, <3 H O T P I N K <3

And these would be the two treasuries I made:

February Birthday - Amethyst

featuring this ring, by louisagallery, among other beautifully purply items...

and in celebration of last night's Superbowl Game (remember, I am from Wisconsin...)

Superbowl Champs!

featuring this onesie, by HappilyHomeSewn

(I might just be tempted to buy this for fetus Laubenstein, my upcoming new niece of nephew...
My sister is due in August after all...)

But you should still actually click and view my treasuries to see many more fun items!

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