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Friday, February 11, 2011

Need new jeans!

I realized yesterday that I have ONE pair of jeans that I actually enjoy wearing...and they have a GIANT hole on the inside thigh.  Funny story on that one...

They're my skinny jeans, and always the first ones to get tight if I gain a little weight.  (I'm talking 2 pounds...I'll know...and they'll cut off my circulation.)  I decided to wear them the day after Thanksgiving.  They were all tight and such from being in the wash, so I did the "I'll just squat down in funny and inappropriate ways to make my jeans stretch out" dance.  And apparently my leftover Thanksgiving Peruvian food didn't appreciate this, and decided to RIP my favorite jeans.  Loudly.  :(

But I've still worn them!  I want to buy the exact same pair, and I'm afraid that I won't be able to find them to my satisfaction, so I've been waiting...Well, the time has come, when I realized yesterday that the only other pair of jeans I wear regularly are now a bit large.  Several problems with this:
1) Saggy ass.  I'm sorry.  I'm chunky, but I have a nice ass.  Saggy ass is never ok.
2) Weird crotch things.  When jeans don't fit right, they get all bunchy and stuffy in the crotch.  Yesterday I was wearing them and realized that they make me all funny-looking when I'm sitting and standy, because the button sticks out way far, because they're too big to be held up on their own.  Dumb.
3) When pants are too big, they hang low...Butt crack is never ok.  I pride myself on having a big enough butt to hold up my pants sans belt.  And belts are just another reason to forget to zip.

So,  have I located my replacement jeans?  Yes, of course I have!  Here, at  Last time I bought them at Boston Store, and I will probably look for them today, but they aren't listed on the website...All is not lost though, as Boston Store's website sucks.  So we shall see!  And maybe, I'll just get an EXTRA pair too! 

Unfortunately, I am tall, and it makes the acquisition of pants difficult.  Poop.  Anyway, here are the loves of my life:

On sale for $40!  F that shipping...


  1. Are those saggy ones the ones Markus always tells you not to wear? lol

  2. No no no...after he told me they were saggy and I shouldn't wear them, I gave them to my pregnant sister who needed fat pants. And that was her LAST pregnancy...I'm very conscious about saggy ass now...I appreciate Markus for that!