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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I might've ordered...

I've lost eleven pounds in 2011!  Yay!  And this means Andres has to give me $100. 

He wanted me to be motivated to be healthy, so we agreed that for every pound I lose, he pays me $20, in five-pound increments.  I was stuck at nine pounds for about a month (!) and I finally broke to eleven!  Yay!  So...I have not received my $100 yet, but I definiately have spent it...

For those of you who read my post from yesterday, yes, I did go to Boston Store and I did buy the exact same pants as my other ones, but it's funny how different they look, just in the fact that they're new.  1.  The color is sooo different because they haven't been washed a hundred times.  2.  They're tighter because they're not stretched out after two years of yo-yo dieting.  3.  No giant hole in the inner thigh.  Sweet!

They were $40, leaving me another $60 to spend.  And let's be realistic.  If I was going to be motivated to lose weight and had to spend the money on bills, some motivation that would be...So, I spend it on new clothes!  (Which is how I spent the last $100 as well).  With $40 jeans, I had $60 left to spend, and voila!  An e-mail from Express!  $15 off a $30 purchase!  What luck!  Here's what I got:

Heck yeah!  $12!!!

My absolute FAVORITE tank tops...None else three of them, for about $10 each...YEAH!

$12!  (And it sparkles!)
You are so jealous of my mailwoman.

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