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Friday, October 8, 2010

Back to Halloween

Last night was a minor lapse.  I adore fall.  And I adore these amazing items I came across while googling "Halloween Bed Sheets!"

Is this not THE coolest bed you've ever seen? 
Too bad it's $15,000!  See it here.

Spider Web pillow by SaSeaBoutique on Etsy. 
At $15 each, you could get two here.
Halloween Tee, Old Navy, $10

And how possible do we think it could be to put my cat in this?  $14.50 at Old Navy. 
I just really want a cat dressed up as a banana...

Bloody sheets by HorrorDecor on Etsy.  How disgusting are these?  I can think of a wayyy better way to make these that would cost a whole lot less than $37...
Needless to say, I never could find any halloween sheets.  If YOU can, please let me know.

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