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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Seriously Wisconsin?

I love Wisconsin.  I love snow, I love changing leaves, and I love cold.  And not the "Oooh I should've grabbed my hat" kind of cold.  The "OMG what's the fastest way to get from the building to the car without having your face frozen off?"  kind of cold.  I love it here.  But I do NOT love it when it is October 7th and the high is 70 DEGREES.  Come on Wisconsin.  I want to start wearing sweaters and boots.  And mittens.  I love mittens.  Not gloves, I hate those.  But man do I love mittens.

I bought these ADORABLE little booties yesterday.  They're Rocket Dogs, and look a lot like slippers, but are substantial enough to wear around campus (but no where else-I'd look like a homeless person).  So you can understand my excitement that I wanted to wear them today!  And now it's warm outside!
 See, they're so freakin' cute!
And now, since it's OCTOBER, I can't find any of my cute sandals and have had to revert to my Borns, which I'm totally not in the mood to wear.  But I have absolutely no idea where all of my cute sandals ran off to.  I think Andres might have thrown them out...Better go buy more.

Anyway, at least now I can show off my nail polish (that's already starting to chip).  It's Ick-a-Body by China Glaze and is one of their three Halloween polishes, which I just had to have of course.  Anyhoo, I absolutely adore the Ick-a-Body.  So I guess there's a plus to all this nonsense about warmth.  But truly, I'd like to start ordering my coffee hot, not frozen.

Anyone know of any good music grad schools in Alaska?

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