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Thursday, October 21, 2010


It's actually getting chilly.  Wonderfully chilly.  Makes me really really really want to wear boots...too bad I'm pretty lacking in that categorie.  I have a pair of wonderful Aldo boots that I got in 2006.  At $90 on clearance, they were still ridiculously out of my price range, but I have cared for them well.  I've had the rubber heal replaced once already.  Problem is, they are ridiculously uncomfortable and terrible out of style.  My other boots consist of two pairs of furry Rocket Dogs.  Still wonderful, but not exactly what I feel like going for...

This would be what I'm craving right now:
Cirocco by Aldo.  Probably not comfortable either, but the round-toe would probably last me longer than my ridiculously-pointed boots.  $160.

Mizwicki, by Aldo.  Love love love love love these.  Omg.  $120.

Folse, by Aldo.  These would be the ones that you can just wear absolutely every day.  Want. $160.

Tripin by Chinese Laundry.  These would be another pair that you could just wear alllllll the time.  $99.95.

March by Boutique 9.  This would be another pair that I could wear nonstop.  $199.

New York Randi, Kate Spade.  Don't you just want it to rain EVERY DAY so you could wear these all the time?  Too bad I already have some adorable rain boots... $125.

Fast Lane, Diba.  I love how country these are.  $169.

Tall Ship, White Mountain.  What, you thought I wouldn't throw an over-the-knee pair in?  Too bad I'm tall and these probably wouldn't even come that high on me...  $85.
Needless to say, I never can get cute new boots until the end of season when they go on clearance.  Or (at least) the day after thanksgiving ;)


  1. I want those rain boots! and all the others... but the rain boots would match your new sweater :)

  2. I know! They're amazing, aren't they? They also have them in black and red, but I thought the cream was just adorable. I don't know what it is, but I absolutely love wearing cream in fall and winter. A few years ago I realized that ALL of my winter sweaters were cream or gray, and I branched out a bit. Now I have red, purple, green, pink, blue, patterns...the list goes on...