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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm a really really bad person...

Update on the past dress post: When Andres got home, I excitedly showed him my conquests, and he proceeded to lecture me on how yes, they were a good deal, but no, I did not need them.  Apparently he has gone to enough symphony concerts now to see that I am the only woman who wears a different dress for each one.  (That is totally untrue-I reuse dresses all the time for different events, and I've had friends borrow my dresses more than a few times.  That's really why I have such a big closet; so I can give back to those in need...)  I explained that music is my business and this was like seeing a giant sale at a suit company and stocking up.  Sure, you might not need two suits right now, but I will soon, so better to buy them now for $25 than to wait until needed and pay $200.  I'm so smart aren't I?

Wanna know what's not smart?  Going back with my sister.  I bought two more dresses...

Andres doesn't know.  I immediately hid them in the back of my dress closet to tell him later that I've had them for years... He never believes me, but hey, whatever.  He's a tightwad, and I want to be hot on stage.

Damn straight.

Anyway, here they are!  (Again, please, first thing out of bed-please don't judge my lack of make-up, crazy bed-head, and slight double chin from taking the picture at a downward angle.  I'm tall.  It's the best I could do.)

Magenta-y Taffeta.  This one is a little bit big...I could probably wear it right now without taking it in, but it would be a little loose and I would be afraid of popping out when I take a bow.  FYI, my mother has lectured me on how to bow without boobing the audience.  I told her that's why they pay.  Anyhoo, it'll still be a good one for the "middle range" of my dresses.  And at $25, I can always have it adjusted when need be.

Hot pink.  It looks red in the picture, but it's definitely Hot Pink.  It zipped up at the store, but I was not going to try that hard at home...The sash at my waist is super long in the back and the storeowner tied it in a big bow and I was like "Umm, hello?  My butt is already gigantic.  Let's NOT put a giant bow on it..."  Yay! I don't have a hot pink dress!

So pray that if Andres ever figures out that I've done this, he doesn't judge or kill me...I am going to blame this all on my sister.  And also all the things I bought from Bed Bath and Beyond and hid in the closet until I can put them up...


  1. does he read your blog? i think you're funny, cousin.

  2. I don't know if he does. I haven't told him about it, so the only way he could know is if he Facebook stalks me. (I should block him)

  3. You hide dresses like I hide nail polish. :) Don't tell Chris that I have someone forwarding me a package from the UK because I'm obsessed with a good deal. I really like the hot pink one. It looks great on you!

  4. Thanks, but it wasn't totally zipped up in the back. It could get zipped completely, but I'll quote Professor Herrick in saying "We have a back fat issue." Five more pounds. Golden.