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Sunday, October 10, 2010


I have a wedding coming up in two weeks that I'm standing up in.  The dress has been dropped off for fitting (taken in about an inch on both sides-I thank you) and I have ordered beads to make my stunning jewelry of course.

This isn't the exact-exact dress we're wearing, but the style is similar and the color is exactly the same.  Linny, the bride, wants us to be able to express our individuality, so she has given us free reign on jewelry and shoes.  I already ordered my beads (super expensive Swarovski Fireball Beads-you'll see) and Friday night I ordered some shoes to go with the dress...
So of course another bridesmaid and I bought pink flip flops, as light pink is the accent color of the wedding.  The dresses are long, and frankly, nobody seems to care anymore what anybody wears on their feet, unless you wear a tea-length dress of course, so why not be comfortable?  But now I'm wasting time on the internet on a Sunday morning and I come accross these:
Only $29 at piperlime!  OMG do I want these, if only for the ceremony and then switch into my flip flops later...  So then I think, maybe I should look for pink pumps on clearance? It is the end of a season.  So I come across these:

They are $325.  And the wrong color pink.  But I wantttttttt them :(  I guess I need a job.  Then I find these at piperlime:
Also only $29, and in light pink!  What am I going to do?  So cute!
Famous Footwear takes the cake with these ADORABLE flats for just $20!  Too bad they're the wrong color pink...doesn't make me adore them any less...  And I absolutely LOVE Rocket Dog as well...

I'm going to have to think about these for awhile.  Don't worry.  I'll let you know what I decide...

I ordered BOTH pairs from Piperlime...they were just too cute to pass up, and $30 each isn't bad at all.  Plus! Free shipping over $50, so I can choose which pair I like better and save the other for another time ;)

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