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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things that I want -

While perusing Facebook, I actually clicked on a side advertisement for the first time in my life, taking me to  Here are just some of the AMAZING things that I would love to add to my closets...

$99  How adorable is this?  I could totally be Mrs. Jetson!
$119  And how much would you want to bake cookies in this?
Only $60!  I want!
My favorite! Only $60!
This one's called "Chorus Leader"  Coincidence? I think not! $50
How awesome would this one look on me?  Yup. Amazing. $50
I truly think I am only going to shop at this store from now on.  $28


  1. OMG Emily, I seriously just looked at that website this morning too. They definitely have some cute stuff.

  2. I love mod cloth. I've been browsing their website for years. They have the cutest dresses.

  3. The cutest and most expensive...Actually though, Stephanie yesterday was saying that she needs a new LC Singers dress and I told her to order that black one that I featured. It's $50, and I said that I paid $70 for mine four years ago. I think it's worth the investment when you're going to be wearing it for years...When I'm buying something super-trendy, that's when I like to go cheap.