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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The only reason I really like Halloween...

It's true.  I love Christmas.  The only reason I like fall is because it leads to winter.  The only reason I like Halloween is because Thanksgiving is next, and I put up my Christmas trees on Thanksgiving weekend.  That's right, I said "trees."  Because I have four.  That's two trees per person in my household.  One per living being in the house. 

Living Quarters candy dish, $3.99
So while I should be thinking about carving my pumpkin or making an apple crisp, what I'm thinking about is how badly I want to buy this cute little dish from Boston Store.  It's affordable, but I know if I bought it, I sooo would not be able to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put it out...

Certified International dinner plate, $12.60

And honestly, who wouldn't want to have dinner on this?  (A little bit less affordable...)
Living Quarters holidy bowl, $3.99
And really, there are like eight of these bowls that are SUPER cute and I want them.  And eight times $3.99 is only $31.92, or $33.52 with tax.  And yes, I totally just used a calculator. 

The moral of the story is, I want it to be Christmas.  Now.

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