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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoe Clips

I've definitely been on the cute kick lately.  I go through spurts where I feel like wearing jeans and a t-shirt everyday, and I go through spurts where I feel like looking adorable everyday.  As of right now, I have gone two days in a row looking quite put-together.

I haven't tried anything new and crafty lately (other than the usual jewelry-making of course) and I have been wanting to try making shoe clips for awhile.  Here are some sites where I found nice tutorials and explanations of how to do some different kinds.

Aren't these adorable?  Martha Stewart instructions of course...
You can see the instructions here.

One of my favorite bloggers, Mrs. Priss, does a nice tutorial on how to make these fluffy ditties.
Click here for the tutorial. has a nice tutorial on how to make shoe clips for cute old earrings.  Estate sale anyone?
Click here.
Another blogger, M&J Trimming, has a nice tutorial on how to make this adorable one!
Click here.
(There are also a bunch of really cool DIY-projects)
This is something else really cool from M&J Trimming.  Not exactly a shoe clip, but the same type of idea...
Click here.

And now at this point I've just become engrossed with M&J Trimming's blog...SO MANY FUN THINGS TO MAKE! Good thing next week is fall break...

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