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Monday, October 18, 2010

Free Curling Iron!

Last week Wednesday there was a choir concert.  It certainly went well.  Everyone looked lovely.  Everyone sounded great.  There was even a standing ovation or two.  What happened before the concert was not so wonderful...
Yes.  This is the offending curling iron.  And yes.  That is my hair.

I've never had this happen before! And this curling iron isn't too old, but it isn't new either! I've certainly used it before!  I have nooooo idea why my hair MELTED onto the barrel!

This would be what happened when I touched my hair.  It crumbled.  YUCK!

Think those are whiskers? NOPE. JUST MY DISINTEGRATED HAIR.

The moral of the story is, I will no longer be using that curling iron.  But the title is a joke...I definitely threw it out...

And most importantly, my hair is thick, curly and layered, so nobody could tell the difference.  Still went on to look like this:
(That's the left corner...and the side that you see would be the side that I melted)
My bathroom still smells like burning.