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Monday, October 11, 2010

Emily's Bowels Strike Again!

If you have a weak stomach or are easily disgusted, please don't read on.

Last week Monday I had a bout of constipation.  This weekend was ridiculous.  I haven't consumed more alcohol and terrible food in such a short time since I was 18.  I literally weighed 4 pounds more today than I did on Friday morning.  And I can't poop.  I took a laxative this morning and metamucil for dinner.  I'm starting to blame this on NOT eating school food.  When I was a freshman, I literally crapped three times a day.  Lunch at 12:00?  Pooping at 1:00.  Dinner at 5:30?  In the bathroom by 7:00.  I miss that.


  1. Just go and eat school food like once a week so it can cleanse your body, lol. All I need to do is drink some coffee in the morning. But I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a messed up digestion system. Love you Emily! :)

  2. I got laughed at by Lotus Blossom today b/c I'm 22 years old and I sound like an old person...but my sister has a messed up body too...