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Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

The front of the house when we bought it over a year ago.

My husband and I bought our house in August of 2009, so we just passed our anniversary.  Yay.  We didn't quite buy a fixer-upper, but the house was definitely homely when we got it.  It was previously a rental property, so it just needed a little love.  At this point, most of the house has been fixed/painted/replaced, but a few weeks ago I tackled the front door.

New red front door with my hand-made yarn wreath.

We haven't done that much to the exterior yet, but the front door was a start!  I still need to paint the wood next to the door, but that'll have to be another weekend!  Oh, and how cute are my purple mums and my gourds?  My mother-in-law is not native to Wisconsin, and she didn't believe that they were real.  I love farmer's markets!  This picture also includes the wreath I made about two weeks ago.  I go through spurts with my crafting, and saw something similar on Etsy for (gulp!) $65!!! But it was so cute!  So I made my own version, with my own color choices (for Autumn of course) for less than $9.  Score!

New Halloween Wreath!
I just switched this wreath in, which I finished this morning, to celebrate the start of October!  I love the holidays; especially those in fall and winter.  I am sooo not into scary decorating though.  All of my halloween decor includes glitter.  Almost all of it...  But anyway, this is my halloween wreath, and the autumn one will return to front door status promptly on November 1st.


  1. Edit: I just realized how dirty that little window is! Going to clean it...later...

  2. You're jealous that YOU don't have an awesome wreath! I bought supplies today to make a bigger one. I don't like how the 12" looks of my door. Not quite big enough...